About the Program

As a pre-engineering magnet school, students at Milwee Middle School advance through a curriculum that features a creative and innovative program that centers on math and science investigation and discovery. Designed to meet the needs of all students, classes develop critical and analytical thinking skills that prepare students to succeed in an educationally rich environment. Exposure to the world of engineering comes through academics and electives. The hands-on approach of the magnet program adds rigor to electives and relevance to traditional academics.

Milwee's Literacy Night 2020

Milwee Middle School invites you to join us for our

2020 Literacy Night

Presented by Milwee Middle School's Reading Department

Hosted, LIVE, via WebEx on

Thursday, October 29th starting at 6pm.

Use this link to log in: https://scps.webex.com/scps/onstage/g.php?MTID=ed19b345145e9bb5049cfb2d3b6a20923